In 1984, Noremac started as a concrete contractor and manufacturer of pipeline weights for the oil and gas industry with their head office in Edmonton, AB. In 1987, Noremac purchased its first concrete pump to complement its existing placing and finishing division.  As time went on, Noremac continued to expand their pumping services in Edmonton and the surrounding communities but they soon recognized a demand for a reputable concrete pumping contractor in the province of Saskatchewan.

In 1995, Noremac expanded into Saskatoon under the name, Noresask Pumping Inc. Shortly thereafter in 1996, Noresask opened another branch in Regina, SK. With increased demand for quality concrete pumping, Noremac began to focus mainly on the concrete pumping industry and decided to shift their interests from placing and finishing to increasing their fleet of pump trucks and involvement in industrial, commercial, and civil industrial sectors.

As construction activity continued to grow, Noremac expanded into British Columbia. In 2000, Norewest Pumping Inc. was established with its head office located in Kamloops, BC. Eventually another satellite branch was opened in Merritt in 2008.  Norewest continued to expand by providing an aggregate supply and delivery service to its operation in 2005 and then adding in 2017 a waste disposal and temporary fencing service for residential, commercial, and industrial job sites.

This waste disposal and temporary fencing service has now been expanded into both our Edmonton and Saskatoon Markets.

From the beginning in Edmonton, AB, to the expansion across the prairies in Saskatchewan, and further west into British Columbia, Noremac’s dedication to maintain a high quality service every step of the way has awarded them with a very credible reputation, making continued excellence their goal.